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Best Makeup Primers For Flawless Wedding Makeup

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Primer does for your face what wonderful lingerie does for your figure: it smooths, flattens and conceals so that everything which goes on top looks infinitely more flawless.

When it comes to wedding makeup in particular, creating a look that lasts from your vows to your final dance is priority. With that in mind, using one of the best primers on your big day is a total no-brainer. Here are some of my favorites !

Bobbi Brown- Vitamin Enriched Face Base $64

I love this rich hydrating formula ,its especially great for dry, dehydrated or mature skin. Just a little bit goes a long way. This vitamin enriched formula will leave the skin feeling nourished ,plump and instantly smoother. Skin prep is key to making your makeup application flawless and this all in one will hydrate, and prim all in one step . This product is especially great for anyone planning to do their own makeup on their wedding day especially great for destination weddings because this one product is all you need to prep the skin and you wont have to over load your cosmetic bag with a ton of products. I also love the fresh grapefruit citrus scent as an added refresher to help wake you up on those early wedding day mornings!

Benefits Porefressional Face Primer $32

This product is a long time beauty cult favorite when it comes to primers this is one of the long time favorites, a staple in most professional makeup kits especially if you specialize in bridal makeup. This primer is best for oily/ combination skin. It is an oil -free light-weight formula is created with silicones that help to blur pores and fine lines and leaves a soft matte finish.

Milk Makeup Hydro- Grip $34

This Clean at Sephora brand is known especially for their primer. I personally love it because it is super light-weight ,vegan and great all all skin types. I have found this product to be especially great for clients with oily skin who still want a luminous finish Its going to help control the natually oily T-zone while hydrating the skin. This product has been reviewed by countless bloggers and editors making it an award winning staple in my pro kit. Its invisible makeup primer with a 94% natural gel formula hat smooths skin, grips makeup to last up to 12 hours! If you are a crier or plan on dancing the night away this might be the best for you!

Dior Backstage Primer $36.

This is my personal everyday primer. I love it because it has a super light-weight finish. Its a universal primer great for all skin types.Its the perfect primer for the younger generations or that client that wants a natural finish. This primer creates a naturally enhanced, even and luminous complexation for a touch up effect and foundation that will last all day. I tend to grab this product when a client doesn't usually wear makeup and wants a fresh natural hydrated finish .

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